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Creating Connections - The 7C's of Marketing: Part 4

This is part four of a seven part series diving deep into the "7C's of Marketing" and what they mean for your business and ours.

The "7C's of Marketing" are guides of sorts. A baseline for what your business should focus on when thinking about your marketing strategy and attracting and keeping clients. When followed and learned from, the "7C's of Marketing" can help keep you and your business focused on what really matters.

The 4th "C": Connections

Why are you reading this right now? Why are you on this website? Maybe you clicked on an internet Ad, maybe you saw a print Ad, maybe someone suggested 7C's Marketing to you, or maybe 7C's popped up on your search engine! I doubt it was an accident.... You are reading this right now because someone or something made a connection.

In the world of business and marketing its all about connections.  Connections between you and your potential clients and customers, and connections between you and your partners. The questions that need to be asked are questions like: "How do you connect with potential customers?", "How do your customers hear about and find you?", "Who even are your customers?". If you don't know the answer to these questions, then even the best AD campaign won't be very effective. 

Tips for Finding and Making Connections

For many people, finding legitimate connections is harder than it sounds. Not everyone is naturally outgoing and not everyone can simply strike up a conversation with people they have never met before (everyone CAN, but not everyone is comfortable with it). Thankfully, connecting with people isn't usually an accident - just ask any salesman. Whether it be a new Social Media Campaign, or an old school meet and great networking event: building connections is something that can be done by anyone utilizing the proper techniques, effort, and persistence.

Here are a few tips you can use to help build quality connections:

1. Up Your Credibility

No matter the context, whether it be a party or a business function, people will be more likely to try and connect with you if they already know your name and you have properly built credibility. Sometimes all credibility takes is time, but there are definitely some basics steps you can take toward achieving proper recognition. Basic things like building out a website, getting reviews, and writing are all incredibly powerful tools for influencing people's perception of you. If you are interested in more details and tips about upping your credibility, read our article Cultivating Credibility HERE.

Managing peoples' perception of you is definitely an important first step toward attracting quality connections and friends.

2. Bring Value to the Table

I know, I know, getting to spend time with you should be reason enough for people to come your way. And, sure, you're probably a really nice and likeable person, but being nice and likeable is almost never enough when first getting to know and connect with someone (in both the business and the personal sense). You have to bring some sort of value to the table or you will never find those quality connections you are looking for.

In the world of business this value can be a specialized knowledge that most people don't have, it could be some type of gift, or it could even be advice. Find what it is that you have to offer, and put it out there! You have to give some value to get some value.

3. Create an "In"

Most people would agree that it is much easier to talk to someone if you have (or made) a reason to do so. Cold calling is just a numbers game, and no one wants to do it. So how do you warm up a cold call, or create a reason for starting a conversation? Here is an option: create an "In". Creating an "In" can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. The basic ideas is to get your name or service in front of your potential client or connection in one or two different ways before you ever pick up the phone or introduce yourself.

As an example, one of my favorite techniques is the Bag Drop. In the world of sales there is a lot of prospecting and researching of potential clients. When I do find someone I think is a good option I will make them up a gift bag (with snacks, water, little gifts, and promo material), and drop it off for them at their office. This is the "in". Now, when I call later on that day, or week, the individual has already heard of me, has probably at least skimmed over my promo material, and is probably grateful for the giftbag! I also have a good way to start a conversation that will easily be directing into one about the client's needs and how I may be able to address them.

The same basic idea of an "In", or the bag drop, can be used in any sort of human interaction. In person, or over the phone! Find or make a reason to talk to someone, and

4. Be Persistent

With making connections, like with most things in life, a fair bit of persistence goes a long way. Most of the time, especially in the realm of business relationships, a single phone call or email won't cut it. It takes time to build connection, and you need to be sure that people understand that you are serious. Don't overdo it though, try to find that fine line between persistent and bothersome.

What its all About

Credibility, Value, an "in", and persistence: these are just four things that can help you make connections and grow as a person and as a professional. Of course there are hundreds of other factors to consider and techniques you can try to make new connections.

The End

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Still not sure about how to make better connections? Give 7C's Marketing a call! We specialize in helping people and businesses look the part and make connections. We would love the opportunity to work with you!

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