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The 7C's of Marketing - Part 1: Clients

This is part one of a seven part series diving deep into the "7C's of Marketing" and what they mean for your business and ours.

The "7C's of Marketing" are guides of sorts. A baseline for what your business should focus on when thinking about your marketing strategy and attracting and keeping clients. When followed and learned from, the "7C's of Marketing" can help keep you and your business focused on what really matters.

The 1st "C": Clients

Perhaps the most important of all of the 7C's, "Clients" refers to those people and businesses who really matter. Those people and businesses that make the decision to work with you, to listen to you, to learn from you, and ultimately: to buy from you. These are the people, without whom, you would be out of business and shutting the doors. Notice, the word "customer" wasn't used.

Your customer is someone who buys a product from you and leaves (probably never to return). Your client, on the other hand, is someone who you invest in, who you have a relationship with, who you care about, who you give advice to, and someone who buys not just once but again and again and again because of it. Your business may do well if you sell a basic necessity and have dozens and dozens of new customers every day. Even in the world of groceries, though, it will never truly take off unless you focus on what really matters: providing value, investing in people, listening to needs, solving problems, and creating clients.

Who are Your Clients?

Every business in the world has clients. Restaurants have "regulars", shops and clothing brands have "Loyalty Members", and most professional businesses have "clients". These people have a special relationship with the businesses or brands they interact and work with. So, who are your Clients? Do you know? Do you even try to foster these types of business relationships?

If you don't know the answer to these questions you should take a look at your business and figure out who it is that you work with the most and who it is that you can start making connections with. If you don't, your competitors certainly will. Identifying your clients and potential clients is the first step to a proper marketing strategy.

Winning Clients

Business-Client relationships are not found, they are won. They require effort, listening, and time. You, as a salesman, business owner, or manager, must be willing to provide value for your clients before they even step through your doors. And once they do step through those doors, you have to be willing to listen to them, hear their problems, and then provide them with a tailored solution.

Asking questions is an especially important tool you can use to learn about a potential client's business, needs, worries, and where you may be able to step in to offer your services. If you show that you are invested, if you ask the right questions, and provide real life solutions tailored to their specific needs, then you will have a client for life.

As you may have realized, this client centered approach requires time. Time to foster these relationship, and time to build trust. Although this approach may be more difficult, we here at 7C's believe the payoff is incredible. Be loyal to your clients, strive to provide them with the very best in your area of expertise, care about their needs, and you will be shocked by the reciprocation.

Following Up

So, you've put in the time. You've asked the right questions, you've provided value, and you have made the sale. Now what? Lots of people just leave it at that. A job well done, right? Well, no, not just yet.

Almost just as important as any other aspect of winning a client, following up is crucial. A simple email or phone call to check in shows that you actually care about how the product or service suited the needs of your client. What if something wasn't quite right? Or if there was an issue with assembly? If you want your client to be loyal to you, you have to be loyal to them, and that means following up.

The Marketing Angle

Understanding your clients, what they think, why they choose to work with you, what values you provide that they most appreciate, and thousands of other details, is the first step to making a workable marketing plan. You can (and should) use the things you learn from your clients to inform your marketing outreach. Understand who your clients are, why they work with you, and reach out to those types of people with the proper messaging. Your marketing efforts will thank you.

The End

Still not sure who your clients are and how to best reach them? Get in touch with us here at 7C's Marketing! We would be happy to set up a meeting, or a phone call with you to discuss how we might aid in your marketing plans!

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